#Coffee is the first mobile app which gives you an easy possibility to spend time on drinking coffee with your workmates. The coffee meeting during break at work has never been so easy. Connect with your friends using QR codes, Facebook or Twitter account to arrange coffee meetings.

Connect by Social Media and QR

The app provides an easy way to log in by Facebook or Twitter without signing in to application. You receive a personalised QR code, which connects you with your workmates who are using #Coffee.

Enjoy a variety of features

The application is equipped with several features that help you to move, in just a few seconds, from the first contact to fixing your first coffee meeting. Apart from a handy list of friends, counter of time and personal QR code, you will find here detailed statistics about the amount of coffee cups you've drunk and how many time you spent on coffee breaks.

Simple steps to arrange coffee meeting

Add friends, who love to drink coffee as much as you do. Select the time of your coffee meeting. Wait for a positive response and enjoy your time spending together. The counter measures the time to the meeting. Every coffee meeting is a great chance to exchange your views.

Follow you achievements

From now on you are aware of the number of drunk coffee cups, thanks to the counter which will sum up your achievements. #Coffee counts the total time which you spend on talking and enjoying your favorite types of coffee with your friends. If you get to know how much time you spend on drinking coffee, you will appreciate how it is important in your everyday life.

Available on most common platforms

We make it easier to communicate with all your workmates. Therefore #Coffee is available on all 3 platforms that support Android, iOS and Windows Phone systems. It depends on you, which one you choose. Now you can recharge your batteries! And it's not about the battery in your mobile phone ;)

Technologies used


Azure Mobile Services

Windows Phone

Microsoft Silverlight



Choose your best suited platform for your mobile phone