#Meetings is a mobile app created for use on your Smartwatch. Many times when you schedule your meetings, it turns out that you have plenty of them. From now on, with the help of #Meetings, you won’t miss any of your planned appointments.

Import all events and keep track of how much time you have left

The app downloads all your events from Google Calendar. Before each meeting you will be informed about the details. You will know how much time left for the appointment. What's more, the application will present elapsed time in graphical way.

Choose shield's color that fits you

Customize the layout of the app to your preferences. You can choose red, green or blue shield. They are prepared specifically to choose your favourite color or change it whenever you want.

Fast synchronization with your mobile phone

#Meetings connects perfectly with mobile devices based on Android. By using application on your Smartphone you can, with just one click, synchronize the data and turn on app on your Smartwatch. All will take less than a second.

Technologies used




Android Wear

Google Play Services